Undergraduate Research Papers

MST is excited to introduce a series of research papers and articles written by undergraduate students at Coastal Carolina University. The students spent a semester researching and writing about paper and pulp mills and their effluent discharges into local waterways. You can read more about the course and the series in this introduction written by Coastal Carolina Science Communications Adjunct Instructor James Borton.

Entrance of paper mill effluent chemicals into ecosystems and their subsequent biomagnification and interaction with humans — a review.
Brion Harrison, Coral Mullen, James Rupinski, and Alec Schweinberg

Mill Effluents Potentially Increase Cancer
Kara L. Criner, Rachel M. Eckley, Stacey J. Reichardt, and Hayley M. Whittaker

Pulp and Paper Mill Pollution Effects on Estuarine Environments
Mallory E. Mumford and Claire M. Engelhardt

Toxic Effects of Paper Mill Discharge: The Repercussions of a Growing Society on Fish
Kenneth Berkle, Bridget Fallis and Megan Maloney

Toxic Effluents and the Effects on the Ecosystem
Caitlin McNamara, Kelsey Dean, Logan Michael, Meredith Boddiford, Bryan Seel

Water Quality Analysis of Effluent Discharge Effects on the Sampit River from International Paper Mill in Georgetown, South Carolina
Matthew Cousins, McKenna Koons, Amanda Macek, Lindsey Sherwood, and Caleb Starovasnik