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The UK Arctic Science Conference 2013 will begin next Wednesday, September 18 and continue through Friday, September 20 at the Scott Polar Research Institute (SPRI).

The conference is designed to bring all kinds of UK Arctic scientists together to present and discuss recent findings on all aspects of Arctic research, including both physical and social sciences. This is the third UK Arctic Science Conference and the goal is to continue to host the conference every two years.

In the spirit of Arctic research, check out this absolutely amazing video from NASA’s Operation IceBridge.

IceBridge is a six-year “airborne mission for Earth’s polar ice.” Many flights over both poles will provide researchers with a yearly look at the behavior of the rapidly changing ice sheets. Flights over the Greenland are conducted in March through May and flights over Antarctica are conducted in October and November.

Beginning in Antarctica in 2009, Operation IceBridge has already provided scientists with plenty of new data. It was Operation IceBridge that helped to reveal the mega canyon beneath the Greenland ice sheet! Learn more here.

For more information, check out their science page.

If you’re inspired to learn more about dramatic changes in sea ice then be sure to check out Chasing Ice!

View from the Thule Air Base with the Greenland Ice sheet in the background. Photo credit: NASA / M. Studinger.

View from the Thule Air Base with the Greenland Ice sheet in the background. Photo credit: NASA / M. Studinger.

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