Ocean Acidification Getting International Attention from XPRIZE

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Life found in the sediments of an Antarctic subglacial lake for the first time
Evidence of life dating back nearly a hundred thousand years was recently found in subglacial lake sediments, kilometers beneath the Antarctic ice sheet. Researchers looked at Lake Hodgson on the Antarctic Peninsula which was covered by more than 400 meters of ice at the end of the last Ice Age. Now, it is becoming more easily accessible as the ice sheet melts and retreats. Scientists believe that organisms living in these harsh conditions could provide clues to how life survives on other planets.

Humpback whale in Antarctica.

Humpback whale in Antarctica. Photo credit: gregpoo via photopin cc.

Surprising underwater-sounds: Humpback whales also spend their winter in Antarctica
New research reveals that not all Southern Hemisphere humpback whales migrate towards the equator at the end of the Antarctic summer. With the help of underwater recordings, researchers found that part of the population remains in the frigid Antarctic waters for the duration of winter. This evidence supports the significance of the Southern Ocean as humpback whale habitat which could be critical in designating a new marine protected area in that region. The researchers are now looking into the specific population that these whales are from.

X Prize Launches the $2 Million Wendy Schmidt Ocean Health XPRIZE
XPRIZE is a leading prize competition best known for spaceflight innovations. It’s latest competition will focus on ocean acidification. The goal is to encourage innovators to “develop accurate and affordable ocean pH sensors” that will allow us to fully understand the issue of ocean acidification. The Ocean Health XPRIZE is a 22-month competition with a total prize of two million dollars. One million will be awarded to the most affordable solution and one million will be awarded to the most accurate solution. To learn more about XPRIZE and the Wendy Schmidt Ocean Health competition, check out this great video from HuffPost Live: Attacking Ocean Acidity.

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