Orcas, Arctic Drilling and Endangered Sharks

Written by on March 17, 2013 in Marine Life

Daily Summary

Oceanic whitetip shark.

Oceanic whitetip shark. Photo credit: alfonsator via photopin cc.

Mediterranean and Black Sea sharks critically endangered, UN agency warns

According to the UN, sharks in the Mediterranean Sea have declined by more than 97 percent in the last two centuries. If current fishing trends continue, sharks face the risk of extinction. Although, fishing isn’t the only thing that is causing shark populations to decline. Shipping, underwater mining, and pollution also share the blame.

Shell barred from returning to drill for oil in Arctic without overhaul

Bad news for Shell, but probably good news for the Arctic. Following a review of Shell’s Arctic drilling plans, the Obama administration announced that Shell will not be allowed to return to the Arctic until they produce a much more comprehensive management plan that includes how they will deal with the Arctic’s harsh conditions. The review notes that any future plans should be monitored by a third party.

The Death of a Queen

Check out this great blog post from Oceana about the recent death of Yakat, the female leader of the A4 orca pod. Yakat has led the pod since she was identified back in 1972. Because orcas live with their families for their whole lives, losing a leader is likely to change the structure of the pod.

Orcas near a fishing vessel.

Orcas near a fishing vessel. Photo credit: NOAA.

The World’s Top 100 Game Fish

Check out Sport Fishing’s list of The World’s Top 100 Game Fish. The list was compiled from 61 of the world’s top anglers and skippers.

Yellowfin tuna continues to be a popular game fish.

Yellowfin tuna continues to be a popular game fish. Photo credit: Port of San Diego via photopin cc

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