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Written by on March 9, 2013 in Marine Life

Other stories worth reading this weekend:

4 reasons to care about seafood fraud” from FishNavy

Seafood fraud has been a popular topic in the news lately. Check out this short post that summarizes why we should really care about seafood fraud.

Cooler South Atlantic causes malaria rise in India” from the Times of India

New research reveals that colder water temperatures in the South Atlantic are apparently causing malaria epidemics in North-Western India.

Dolphins Create Life Raft To Try To Save Pod-mate” from WDC

If we needed any more proof of how intelligent dolphins are, here it is: a pod of long-beaked common dolphins worked together to create a ‘life raft’ to help keep a dying member of their pod afloat.

Fishers near protected areas go farther but fare well” from WSU

Another study helps prove that Marine Protected Areas are benefiting fishers. This new study states that fishers may travel farther to fish near MPAs, but by doing so they maintain their social and economic well-being.

Emperor penguin colony.

Emperor penguin colony. Photo credit: Michael Van Woert, NOAA/NESDIS/ORA.

In pictures: Emperor penguins’ ‘cold coat’ discovered” from BBC

Using infra-red technology, scientists have discovered that emperor penguins can have coats that are actually colder than the surrounding environment. Check out these pictures that reveal just how cold their coats get.

International guidelines to combat IUU fishing” from World Fishing & Aquaculture

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations has created new international guidelines that improve accountability of flag states in order to help eliminate IUU (illegal, unreported and unregulated) fishing.

Sales of fish leap in wake of horse scandal” from Herald Scotland

Fishmongers in Scotland are experiencing an increase in sales of up to 20% after horse DNA was found in burgers, meatballs and other ready-made meals.

Texas Tech Researcher Discovers Plankton Adjusts to Changing Ocean Temperatures” from TTU

In a study designed to determine how climate change affects plankton, researchers from TTU have discovered that plankton are capable of adjusting to changes in water temperature.

This Year’s ‘Cove’ Slaughter Is Almost Over, but the Death Toll Is Steep” from TakePart

The annual dolphin hunt in Taiji, Japan is over, but the slaughterhouse freezers are full. Check out TakePart’s interview with Mark Palmer of Earth Island Institute that discusses the killing season.

Why Is SeaWorld Allowing Its Killer Whales to Live in Crumbling Pools?” from TakePart

This article reveals some surprising and upsetting details about Sea World’s last inspection, including rust and cement chips in the dolphin nursery and concrete chipping away in Shamu Stadium…

Orca performing at SeaWorld in California.

Orca performing at SeaWorld in California. Photo credit: Images by John ‘K’ via photopin cc

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