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Written by on February 22, 2013 in Marine Life

Other stories worth reading this weekend:

Anti-whaling activists say they were attacked by Japanese ships” from CNN

Sea Shepherd says that ships from the Japanese whaling fleet attack its vessels by ramming the ship, throwing concussion grenades and using water cannons.

Are Trash Fish the Answer?” from Huff Post GREEN

The issue of sutsainable seafood continues to be a popular, but confusing and sometimes controversial, topic. One chef is suggesting that a simple solution is to use trash fish–fish that anglers often discard, such as sea robin, or redfish.

Dolphins Call Each Other by Name” from Discovery News

New research reveals that bottlenose dolphins call out the names of loved ones if they become separated. Dolphins are the only other animal (other than humans) known to do this.

Don’t feed the (polar) bears” from CNN

With polar bear populations dwindling and continued reports on the decline of sea ice, a new paper as a few possible, but controversial solutions that include airdropping food to the bears, or transporting them northward.

Endangered sharks return to Bahamas ‘home’” from BBC News

Oceanic whitetip shark.

Oceanic whitetip shark. Photo credit: alfonsator via photopin cc.

Researchers were able to tag 11 oceanic whitetip sharks in the Bahamas and found that while the sharks traveled long distances, they also returned to the Bahamas. These findings surprised researchers as it was previously thought that the sharks were wanders, not migrators.

Indonesia announces shark, manta ray sanctuary” from Phys.org

On Wednesday, Indonesia announced the creation of an 18,000 square mile (46,000 square kilometer) sanctuary. Shark fishing and finning will be banned in the protected area.

Nesting site protection ‘key to save turtles from climate change’” from ARC-COE

A new study states that in order to give sea turtles a chance of coping with climate change, protecting their nesting grounds will be crucial. This would also involve addressing costal development and bycatch issues.

New Appeal Raises Fresh Hope For Orca Morgan” from WDC

Morgan the orca was captured from the wild in June 2010 and activists have been fighting to free her ever since. In December 2012, it was decided that she would stay in captivity for the rest of her life, but now, a new appeal has been filed against Morgan’s continued capture, giving Morgan’s supporters new hope.

Reduced sea ice disturbs balance of greenhouse gases” from Lund University

In addition to hurting polar bears, the loss of Arctic sea ice is causing major changes to the balance of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. And, if changes are taking place in the atmosphere then it is also affecting the ocean.

Taiji Implicated In Russian Beluga Trade” from WDC

New reports reveal that two beluga whales, captured from the wild in Russian waters, were transferred to Taiji-the site of The Cove where the annual dolphin slaughter takes place.

Polar bears on shrinking Arctic sea ice.

Polar bears on shrinking Arctic sea ice. Photo credit: NOAA.

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