Verdict: Morgan Deemed “Non-Releasable”

Written by on December 14, 2012 in Marine Life, Policy & Ocean Law
Orca performing at SeaWorld in California.

Orca performing at SeaWorld in California. Photo credit: Images by John ‘K’ via photopin cc

Unfortunately, it was decided yesterday that Morgan the orca will remain in captivity for the rest of her life, which probably just got a lot shorter.

The Judge determined that no federal laws were broken and Morgan was deemed non-releasable. She will be relocated from the Dolfinarium Harderwijk in the Netherlands to the the Parque Loro in the Canary Islands.

The DutchNews reported that “the export license for Morgan was granted on the grounds that the orca would be used for educational purposes.” Despite evidence collected by the scientists, researchers and advocates of the Free Morgan Foundation, the Judge stated that there is no reason “to think Morgan’s health is in danger in the amusement park.”

“What an unreal and dismaying decision! Despite all the evidence and arguments in favour of Morgan being given a chance – from knowledge about her probable origins, to a practical plan worked out in great detail, to the promise of funding, and solid community support in Norway – the Court has ruled against her,” said Dr. Paul Spong. “In doing so, it has condemned Morgan to a short and dreadful life behind barren walls. How terribly sad.”

To learn more about Morgan:

Orcas in the wild.

Orcas in the wild. Photo credit: NOAA.

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