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Welcome to Marine Science Today, your source for the latest news and information about the study of our planet’s oceans. Here, you’ll find articles and analysis about the people, the technology, the policy and the various research disciplines involved in modern marine science.

MST takes the latest research and marine science news and translates it so it can be easily read and enjoyed by anyone passionate about the ocean, no matter their science background.

Mission: Marine Science Today closes the gap between the latest research and people who interact with the ocean by making marine science news more accessible.

Vision: Marine Science Today envisions an informed public that acts to protect the world’s oceans.

We believe in:
-Fact-based and thought-provoking journalism
-Sharing information in order to motivate action
-Unbiased scientific research
-Ocean conservation efforts by nonprofits and governments

We value:
-Science education
-Sustainable business practices
-Respect for humans, animals, and plant life that depends on the ocean for survival

Marine Science Today invites marine researchers and students from all over the world to submit news about their research to us for publication. We can’t relieve you of your academic publication requirements, since this isn’t a “peer reviewed” publication, but we can help spread the word about the significance and relevance of your work. Our aim is to bring to the general public, policymakers, and those in the field, a wider view of the “oceanscape” than might be otherwise readily available.

Please send us your stories and illustrations (remembering the old adage about a picture being worth a thousand words) and we’ll get them published for you here. We subscribe to the highest canon of journalistic ethics and will insist on fair, accurate and timely reporting. While you will see advertising and sponsorships here on Marine Science Today, we explicitly refuse to accept such advertising in exchange for editorial content. There are too many publications still out there that are happy to trade their content for a couple of ads. We won’t do that, so you can trust that the content here is motivated only by the best news judgment possible.

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Welcome again to Marine Science Today.

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