Scientists Test Solar-Powered Satellite Tags

Written by on August 26, 2013 in Marine Life

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India bans shark ‘finning’ to protect species
Conservation groups around the globe are celebrating! The world’s second-largest shark-catching nation, India, has now banned the practice of finning sharks at sea. All sharks must now be landed with their fins naturally attached. Fishermen found with detached fins could spend up to seven years in prison, depending on the species.

Turtle with a solar-powered tag.

Turtle with a solar-powered tag. Photo credit: NEFSC/NOAA.

Scientists Tag 20 Loggerhead Turtles off Mid-Atlantic Coast, Test Solar-Powered Tag
Earlier this summer, researchers tagged 20 juvenile and adult loggerhead turtles in mid-Atlantic waters in order to learn more about the turtles’ behavior and movements and to zero-in on where they face the biggest risk from fishing gear. This tagging experience included something new: solar-powered satellite tags that are capable of recording data for months or even years. Researchers deployed two solar-powered tags as a test this time. You can track the turtles here!

West coast orcas spotted off Peterhead and Girdleness
Three individuals from a community of orcas found off Scotland’s west coast were recently seen on the east coast for the first time in more than 20 years of monitoring the west coast pod. The news of the confirmed sightings makes researchers believe that the west coast community is not as exclusive as they had previously thought. It is also potentially good news because some worried that the group would die out if it really was isolated from other killer whale populations.

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