The Most Important Announcement from World Oceans Day

Written by on June 12, 2013 in Policy & Ocean Law

Daily Summary

These fishing nets could become carpet tiles.

These fishing nets could become carpet tiles. Photo credit: Walt Jabsco via photopin cc.

Carpet tiles out of abandoned fishing nets

In an effort to save our seas, a new project, called Net-Works, has been created to collect discarded fishing nets and turn them into carpet tiles. So far, the year-long project has involved 892 local fishers and their families and collected nine thousand kilos of fishing nets from beaches along the Danajon Bank in the Philippines.

Chagos marine park is lawful, High Court rules

The High Court in London recently ruled that the UK decision to create a marine protected area (MPA) in the Indian Ocean is “compatible with EU law.” The decision to create the MPA around the UK-controlled Chagos Islands has been challenged by former residents who say that the ban on commercial fishing within the MPA would prevent them from returning to the islands because fishing was their livelihood.

Good for Business and Good for the Ocean

Last Saturday, June 8, was World Oceans Day–a day full of announcements and reminders about the importance of our oceans. This post from National Geographic News Watch highlights one of the most important announcements to be made on World Oceans Day: an announcement from the World Economic Forum and its Global Agenda Council on Oceans. The World Economic Forum is working to save our oceans in two main ways; the first is through the Ocean Health Index and the second is by improving seafood traceability.

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