Everything You Need to Know About Lionfish

Written by on May 30, 2013 in Fish, Marine Life

We’ve written a lot about lionfish so far this year so instead of searching through MST’s archives for all of those posts, we’ve decided to put everything in one place so it’s nice and easy to find. Check out some of the following posts and videos to learn more about this invasive species.


Lionfish. Photo credit: Michael Aston via photopin cc

Here’s a collection of everything involving lionfish:

Big, Fat Lionfish

The deeper you look, the bigger lionfish get. I used to think it was impossible for fish to be fat, but a video of a lionfish dissection proved me wrong — they can be seriously obese.

The Fight Against Lionfish Continues With New Technology

Researchers are using submersibles to study lionfish because human divers can only go so deep…

Experts Say We Should Eat Lionfish

Find out how and why we’re trying to remove lionfish from the sea in this post. Be sure to watch the video clip to learn more about lionfish and how to eat them!

Invasive Lionfish: “To Beat ‘Em, Just Eat ‘Em!”

Check out MST’s Q&A with President and Founder of Traditional Fisheries (TF), David Johnson. TF is the world’s only commercial supplier of lionfish and it was recently featured on ABC’s popular reality series, Shark Tank!

Q&A with Corey Eddy and BUEI

Check out MST’s Q&A with Corey Eddy who helped create a lionfish exhibit at the Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute (BUEI) that highlights the impact of lionfish and how Bermuda plans to address the issue.

Watch some of these video clips to learn more!

Lionfish – If you can’t beat ’em, then eat ’em!

How to Prepare Lionfish for Cooking

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