Stingrays, Deep Sea Mining and New Fisheries Policy

Written by on May 19, 2013 in Marine Life

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Most injuries from stingrays in California come from round rays like this one.

Most injuries from stingrays in California come from round rays like this one. Photo credit: John.

Avoid stingrays this summer

As summer approaches and the water finally gets warm enough to swim in again, now is a good time to remind yourself how to avoid getting stung by a stingray. Check out this post to find out the best way to avoid a sting and what to do if you do get stung.

Deep sea mining ‘gold rush’ moves closer

The United Nations recently published its first plan for managing deep sea mining. Following a technical study by the UN’s International Seabed Authority (ISA), deep sea mining is becoming a more realistic possibility and companies could start applying for licenses by 2016. Now, the ISA has to ensure that the mining benefits will reach beyond just the companies themselves.

New era of fisheries policy needed to secure nutrition for millions

A new study argues that because fisheries are not isolated, we need to develop a better way to manage them. The authors of the study suggest that in order for fisheries policies to be effective, they must take into account not only fish stocks and environmental issues, but also research data on fish trade, markets and user consumption.

A Liberian fishing vessel outside Monrovia, Liberia.

A Liberian fishing vessel outside Monrovia, Liberia. Photo credit: Teresa Turk, NOAA.

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