Learn About the Gulf Oil Spill with the Boat House Buddies

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The Boat House Buddies Book 1 Cover

The Boat House Buddies Book 1 Cover

After the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill disaster, the news was full of articles and videos providing us with accounts of what happened, why it happened and how it could have been prevented. Then we read about what was going to happen to BP, to the local residents and to the Gulf itself. Even now, we’re still seeing ads on TV about how well the Gulf is doing. But it’s safe to say that none of this information was designed for children. After all, how do you explain such a sensitive topic to kids? Well, that’s where the Boat House Buddies come in.

The Boat House Buddies Deal With the Big Spill is a series of ten children’s books designed to help educate youngsters about the Deepwater Horizon oil spill and environmental awareness in general. The Buddies, a group of kids all affected in some way by the spill, get together to learn about the oil spill and the associated environmental impacts. Throughout the series, they come up with ways to aid recovery efforts and will win your heart while they do.

Check out this summary, written by Ilene Baskette, to learn more about the series:

This project began with five women who wanted to make a difference at the start of the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill. As a result, they have written, illustrated and are self-publishing this wonderful series with a delightful cast of characters and original watercolor artwork.

The Boat House Buddies Deal With the Big Spill, a 10 book children’s series, is designed to educate children about the oil spill and environmental awareness. The group also donates a portion of proceeds to various community organizations and honors the eleven families that lost a loved one in the disaster.

Since each book also incorporates basic life lessons on coping, problem solving and turning a negative situation into a positive one, the books are suitable for ALL children in ALL areas. The response from parents, teachers, counselors and librarians has been phenomenal. However, the children’s response has been the best validation. The Buddies are characters they can relate to and understand the message.

For more information and to find out how to order the books, visit www.boathousebuddies.com or email b.buddies2010@yahoo.com.

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